Helping marginalized communities find safe spaces

Fun Fact

This project was created in just 24 hours

Designed from the margins

As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto is home to a wide range of identities, backgrounds, and personalities.

Individuals across all communities look for spaces that are accessible to their identities, but there isn’t a dedicated way to find them.

Current tools fail us.

The solution

Haven connects you to others based on the communities you identify with, allowing marginalized demographics to find community-vetted safe spaces.


Identity matching

When a user creates a new account, they select the communities they identify with, and how they want to be represented.

Importantly, at no point is the user asked for their name. The goal is to create an open environment where anyone can share their honest thoughts, and that begins from the first interaction.


Haven actively suggests places based on your unique identity using crowdsourced data.

Finding safe spaces

To incentivize businesses and ensure relevancy, recommendations are driven by user-submitted evaluations.

This is not a traditional review system like Yelp or Google. Instead, users evaluate places on behalf of the communities they identify with, giving everyone a voice to recommend for or against the places they visit.