Design @ York App

Design @ York App

1st Place Winner — York University's DESNathon, a 12-hour overnight design hackathon.

The Prompt

So often in our design education, we try to simulate something outside of ourselves.

But what about us?

In this project, we want to conceptualize and design tools for student empowerment.

Our goal was simple: design and prototype any solution for students in the program.

The Problem

York University's design program prides itself as the benchmark for design education in Canada. Graduates are highly valued in the industry. To showcase past assignments, the hallways are lined with display cabinets of student work.

The problem is that most students' work seemed undervalued.

During my time in the program, I saw amazing work from my peers go unseen. There must be a way to empower students to showcase their own work.

The Solution

Introducing the Design @ York app, a platform where design students can share their work with colleagues to build strong portfolios.

Because popular work is decided by students and not faculty, the process is highly democratic and gives everyone a fair shot at sharing their work.

The app even allows student designers to share their designs directly with agencies, find related work positions, and get scouted.