Complications is an iPhone jailbreak tweak that reinvents the iPhone's lock screen, featuring Apple Watch widgets on the lock screen before Apple.

For traditional timepieces, subdials called watch complications are used to give additional information to the wearer. The Apple Watch took this even further, fitting complex data into simple circular widgets.

These widgets provide users with quick and easy access to important information right on their wrist. I was motivated to bring the same functionality to the iPhone.

Introducing Complications, a jailbreak tweak that brings a wide selection of circular widgets to the iPhone's lock screen.


What is a Jailbreak Tweak?

Jailbreak tweaks are lightweight pieces of software for iOS devices. Tweaks add customization in a way that apps can't: letting users add features like an always-on-display, custom gestures, or a redesigned home screen. Think of them like system-wide extensions.

The Lock Screen, Reimagined

With Complications, you don't need to own an Apple Watch to enjoy the same level of convenience. The tweak comes with nearly 40 built-in widgets, including weather information, stock prices, battery levels of connected devices, and much more.

Each widget beautifully animates and updates in the background throughout the day, without sacrificing battery life.

To change a widget, simply long-press the icon on the lock screen to access a menu with all the available widgets. You can even add app shortcuts to the lock screen for quick and easy access. Users can also adjust widget positioning, change the number of rows and columns of widgets, and more.

A Viral Success

Reception to the tweak's release was extremely positive. At the time of writing, Complications has reached over 25,000 purchases.

For those who’d like their iPhone to display useful data on the lock screen, there’s a jailbreak tweak for that. Complications nails the concept’s implementation.
Anthony Bouchard, iDownloadBlog

The tweak gained traction within the social sphere, earning reviews from Apple-focused blog sites and prominent tech YouTubers like LinusTechTips and SnazzyLabs.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

With the release of iOS 16, Apple introduced a redesigned lock screen with new circular widgets under the time and date.

The tweak is a must-have for jailbreak users who want to stay informed without having to unlock their phone and provides an aesthetic appeal with its beautifully animated widgets