CleanNcleaner Solutions

CleanNcleaner Solutions

CleanNcleaner Solutions is a Toronto-based cleaning company that recently underwent a full website redesign and rebranding. The company wanted to modernize their image and showcase their commitment to providing high-quality cleaning services to their clients.

A Sparkling New Look

At the start of this project, it was clear the brand's visual identity was due for an update. The company's owners were open to the rebranding process, but didn't want to stray to far from their current image, including the logomark.

CleanNcleaner's new logo, refining on their existing identity.

The new logo builds on the company's existing identity and introduces a fresh set of colors that continue throughout the brand's appearance. The logomark has also been refined with smoother curves and negative space that works at both large and small scales. The new look is modern and professional, giving the company a fresh and up-to-date look, while still maintaining the high-end image they are known for.

Next, I worked on a redesign of the company's website. The goal was to create a user-friendly and easily navigable site that effectively showcases CleanNcleaner's range of services and their focus on customer satisfaction.

The website features photography of clean home interiors that extend the site's full width, showcasing the quality of the company's work and establishing the company's expertise. Using photography as a focal point provides a inviting first impression for potential clients and helps to build trust in the company's services.

The end result is a clean and professional website that highlights the company's dedication to delivering high-quality services.

The refreshed website, updated logo, and new visual identity effectively communicate the company's commitment to providing quality cleaning services to their clients, positioning them for continued success. It was exciting to see the company's vision come to life and to help them achieve their goal of modernizing their image and showcasing their commitment to delivering high-quality cleaning services to their clients.